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Alice Fine: The ‘organic art’ fashion of a unique Swedish brand

Alice Fine Decay Collection Kimonos

Alice Fine Decay Collection Kimonos

SOCIETE PERRIER: While other designers scurried to put together their Fashion Week collections, Karin Bjurström was meticulously dyeing her fabrics. The founder of  the avant garde brand Alice Fine firmly believes that fashion should be diverse and open to experimentation within other artistic disciplines. This conviction’s latest result is the Decay Project; a collection of printed one-of-a kind Kimonos created by using biological dyeing techniques combined with nature’s own decaying process. Instead of hiring fashion models the creatively defiant Ms.Bjurström photographed the results and displayed the original pieces in the atrium garden of Taverna Brillo, a quirky pizzeria restaurant/art bar. I recently caught up with the designer to learn more about her work.

What are the origins of the name and the central concept for your brand?
Karin Bjurström: The name ‘Alice Fine’ was inspired by a story I once heard. Long ago travelers would communicate by using the name as a code. The telephone was a very expensive means of communication back then, so when the operator called your party with a collect call from a ‘Miss Alice Fine’ they could refuse the call, knowing that All is fine.

Also, the name is obscure enough for me to play with it’s mystery and portray my own identity as a designer. I prefer to let my work speak for itself and remain quasi-incognito in the background. The brand is based on an artistic sensibility to freely express creativity through various design mediums and collaborations. The pieces are  handcrafted and created as a small-scale, ready-to-wear range(Full Article)


A unique design aesthetic  from a contemporary Swedish designer.

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 Published at Societe Perrier on September 9th 2014

Photo Source: Alice Fine

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