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Fin Dac: The Captivating Work of an Urban Art Master


Fin dac urban artist

The Artist in front of one of his treasures

L’ESTHETE: Her powerful gaze penetrates despite masked secrecy and surrounding distractions… Whether on the wall of a busy city street, the exterior of an old, abandoned ship or at a secret beach location in Ibiza, the painted images depicting empowered beauties invite contemplation. Born in Cork, Ireland, Fin DAC had always dreamed of becoming an artist but lacked the self-confidence that he could make a living at it. This all changed six years ago when an attempt at relieving the stress and strain of life’s unpredictable obstacles brought his creative energy back with a vengeance

Following an unofficial four-city tour through the United States, the London-based street artist concludes his visit with a dazzling live demonstration at the boutique Lord Balfour Hotel in Miami. Preluding Art Basel Miami in December, the artist is set to create his unique interpretation of a modern-day geisha girl in the interior courtyard of the stylish hotel…(Full Article)


Profile on Fin Dac, a street artist creating stunning graffiti murals around the world.

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Published at L’Esthete on Nov 27th 2013

Photo Source: KVD Communications for Fin Dac

Author: Jessica Benavides Canepa

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