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MARIE CLAIRE: Name Your Pleasure

margot-robbie-marie-claire-mar-2015Sweden is famous for its gender equality, which is why the sexperts behind the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education  (RFSU), a nationwide non-profit organization that promotes  positive attitudes toward sex, were surprised when they realized  there is no slang term for female masturbation. (The equivalent  male term, “runka,” has been around so long no one knows who  started it or when.) “Women masturbate just like men do, so it  needs to be talked about,” says Hedvig Nathorst-Böös, RFSU’s  resident sex education advisor. “But how can we with no specific  word for it?”After collecting some 1,200 suggestionsincludi  ng Nathorst-Böös’s personal favorite “dilda,” which came from an 84-year-old woman who said she felt the word “best describes what I am doing”…(Full article)

Synopsis: Swedish sex education group runs a competition to find a name for female masturbation, with surprising (and comical) results.

Published in Marie Claire on February 16th 2015


Author: Jessica Benavides Canepa

Jessica is a freelance journalist focusing on international travel, fashion, luxury, eco culture & women's issues. She has lived and/or traveled to 50+ cities around the globe. Published work has appeared at BBC Travel, Jetsetter, Nat Geo, CNN travel, Viator, Societe Perrier and Hemisperes.

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