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10 Old European Beer Breweries Reinvented As Cool Design Spaces

Art of Brick Show at Old Truman Brewery by Lin Chen

Art of Brick Show at Old Truman Brewery

SOCIETE PERRIER: The late 19th century was truly a golden time for many breweries in Europe; many pioneering families made their fortunes bottling their own versions of the perfect ale. Through years of mergers, production problems, and natural disasters, only the most powerful survived and continue to brew to the present day. Fortunately for the others, early successes have left a lingering legacy in the form of  unique, historic spaces ripe for creative reinvention. Here are a few of the most notable:

1. The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

Originating in 1666, the Truman Brewery boasted an annual production of 400,000 barrels by 1853. Once considered the largest brewery in the world, it slowly declined following mergers with other breweries until shutting down for good in 1989.

Today, the Old Truman Brewery is home to over 250 businesses including restaurants, shops, a culture center, and art galleries. The Art of the Brick, colorful artwork created entirely from Lego pieces, is a popular exhibit currently available at this once powerful brewing plant. (Full Article) 


Old European beer breweries get a stylish makeover.

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Published at Societe Perrier on December 10th 2014

Photo Source: Lin Chen Thumbnail: courtesy Yau Lee 

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