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Secret Love: Eastern Taboo Art Finds a Home in the West

Secret Love Exhibit

Secret Love Exhibit, Stockholm

In Fall of 2012, Secret Love, an exhibition dedicated to still-taboo relationships in conservative China, debuted in Stockholm’s Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities. The controversial presentation featured the works of top Chinese artists, performers, videographers, and photographers, who have since since successfully toured the country and plan to expand to the rest of Europe within the next five years. Dr. Si Han, curator of Secret Love, highlights some of the artwork, the artists and the motivation behind this unique look at sexual orientation in China.

According to Dr. Han, Secret Love is the first exhibition raising LGBTQ themes in contemporary Chinese art. “None of these artists are prohibited from showing their art in China,” he explains, “But when all of these artworks are gathered as a whole and make a statement, it is then that they become dangerous.”

Contemporary Chinese art is rapidly changing and this unconventional perspective shines a light on a subject that has been handled in many different ways around the world. The collection itself took years to find and put together. “These artworks were often hidden by the artists, it was art that they didn’t always want to show others,” he says.

“The most important thing is that the artists have found each other,” Dr. Han concludes, “They have gained confidence and a feeling that they aren’t alone and encourage one another to keep on creating daring art.” (Full article)


Love relationships frowned upon in China, take center stage in Scandinavia.

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Published at Societe Perrier on October 15th 2014

Photo Source: Andreas Lundell from the Natural Museum of World Culture

Author: Jessica Benavides Canepa

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