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When I first started dabbling with blogs, I played it by ear and basically wrote what was on my mind. After working with several high-end clients and trying my hand at a writer’s blog for newbie scribes, I used all of my hard-earned experience to take my blogging to the next level. Currently revamping  A Writer’s World , I will soon be introducing a new blog based on luxury travel and tips for eco- conscious women.

I hope you will join me for the ride.

About my Blogs

Urban Goddess Society ( Fall 2016) is a luxury lifestyle blog with a strong focus on eco-matters. Categories include Suite Life (luxe hotel experiences) InSparations (spas & wellness) Delish (food), Eco Travel (travel) and Enchantress (health & beauty) to name a few.

Content Corner ( Winter 2016) is an advice and inspiration blog for writers of all levels and areas of expertise. Titles include: Dealing with Rejection, How to Price your Freelance Services, Best Writer Apps, How to Write Queries, Using Social Media to Market Your Writing Services plus so much more.

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