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Global Living: Discovering Devour Tours

Global Living Cover Sep 2015Global Living : On a particularly sweltering summer evening in Madrid, a small group gathered by the grill of a tiny restaurant renowned for just one dish: a hand-selected, bite-sized morsel of mushroom perfection. The cook in charge of grilling this tasty tapa confessed he had no idea how many champiñones had crossed his meticulous inspection over the years, then briefly explains how each piece was selected based on size and freshness.

Following the demonstration, the group is eager to taste the tapas paired with an earlier discovery: tinto de verano – a popular summer drink consisting of red table wine and fizzy water. Meanwhile, in the bohemian Gracia district of Barcelona, a local restaurant owner shows visitors how to make their own pa amb tomàquet – a simple Catalan recipe consisting of rustic bread generously slathered with ripe tomatoes, olive oil and garlic. The eatery is run by a husband-and-wife duo that have, in just a few short years, built up a community of loyal clientele. Impressive, considering they are situated far from any of the city’s main tourist attractions. (Full article)

Published on Sept 1 2013 at Global Living Magazine

Author: Jessica Benavides Canepa

Jessica is a freelance journalist focusing on international travel, fashion, luxury, eco culture & women's issues. She has lived and/or traveled to 50+ cities around the globe. Published work has appeared at BBC Travel, Jetsetter, Nat Geo, CNN travel, Viator, Societe Perrier and Hemisperes.

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