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Savory Adventures: Gourmet Food Tour of Florence

Artisan Pastries Gourmet Food Tour Florence

Artisan Pastries, Florence

VIATOR: I’ve always associated Florence with elaborate frescos, classic art and Renaissance architecture. Food, I thought, was best sampled in Rome or Milan, where fine, traditional cuisine is a given. I could not have been more wrong! As I discovered whilst experiencing the Florence Gourmet Food Tour , Florentine gourmet products share the same striking history and artisan quality as their famous counterparts.

Linda, the guide, arranged to meet in a square located in the heart of the city: Piazza della Repubblica. Since March is a relatively slow month for tourism, I had the good fortune of having her all to myself to explore Florence’s culinary identity. A self-confessed foodie, Linda enthusiastically began our adventure by pointing out a couple of points of interest; Gilli, the oldest restaurant/café (1733) serves excellent cappuccinos in the mornings and aperitivos (cocktails) in the evenings, while the department store Rinascente boasts fantastic panoramic views of the city from their rooftop bar. After a quick peek at some of the rich-looking cakes and pastries on display in the café windows, we were on our way…(Full Article)


Gourmet Food Tour featuring the best in artisan chocolate, truffle oil and gelato.

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Published at Viator on June 4th 2014

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