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Undercover Decadence: The best London speakeasies

The Night Jar, London speakeasies

The Night Jar, London


SOCIETE PERRIER: America’s late-1920s speakeasies were hidden locations where fearless patrons enjoyed illegal drinking, plus the scandalous thrill of outsmarting the law. It was a magical time forever immortalized through its venues, music and sinful cocktails. These days, the hedonistic glamour continues with fashionable London speakeasies modern take on the best the glitzy Prohibition era had to offer.



The Nightjar 

The Location: On an otherwise typical city street, you’ll recognize the bar door by the etched drawing of a nightingale on a gold placard.
The Scene: Well-dressed cocktail aficionados. The main draws of this intimate venue are the creatively prepared drink concoctions.
The Music: Jazz, swing and the charleston are reborn by way of (almost) nightly live acts — often in period costumes for an added touch of nostalgia.
The Cocktail: Blood and Sand combines The Naked Grouse Scotch Whisky, Cocchi Sweet Vermouth, sweet cherry, licorice and blood orange/mandarin, in an elegant serving glass.
Interesting Fact: The bar is so dedicated to its historical theme that the drinks are available in categories like pre-Prohibition, Prohibition and post-war…(Full Article)


A contemporary look at a wickedly debauched period in history.

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Published at Société Perrier on November 20th 2013

Photo Source: Courtesy Night Jar/ thumbnail: Mayor of Scaredy Cat

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