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CN Traveler: Inside Icehotel 365

CN Traveler: The tiny Swedish locality of Jukkasjärvi, site of the original Icehotel since 1992, then little more than a well-crafted igloo, is the perfect location for the permanent 20-suite hotel, art gallery, and bar, set to open December 1. Interiors—ice-sculpted suites ranging from 323–430 square feet, built on reinforced pillars, snow, and everything snice—will be conceptualized by a handpicked collection of international designers. Nine suites are deluxe, 11 art-driven, each room will be carved as bespoke artwork with wacky names like Hydro Smack and Oh Deer! As if this wasn’t tempting enough, the midnight sun shines for 100 consecutive days, making it possible to catch a glimpse of the mystical Northern Lights from September until late March...(Full Story)

Published at Conde Nast Traveler on Dec 1st, 2016

Cover photo: Art Suite 365 – Dancers in the Dark.

Design Tjåsa Gusfors & Patrick Dallard.

Photo Asaf Kliger

Author: Jessica Benavides Canepa

Jessica is a freelance journalist focusing on international travel, fashion, luxury, eco culture & women's issues. She has lived and/or traveled to 50+ cities around the globe. Published work has appeared at BBC Travel, Jetsetter, Nat Geo, CNN travel, Viator, Societe Perrier and Hemisperes.

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