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Caudalie Spa in Porto’s The Yeatman Hotel: A treat for all senses

caudalie spa the yeatmanL’ESTHETE: The glimmering lights of Oporto spotlighted the Douro River’s gentle waves, just after sunset. I viewed this majestic scene from a bathtub designed to resemble a wine barrel; filled with warm water and a soothing concoction made from grape extracts. Minutes earlier, I had enjoyed a relaxing head massage so effective; I feared I’d fall asleep right then and there. This was the second of my treatments for the day – one that had started with the modest mission of reviving my travel-weary skin.

The Caudalie Spa at the 5-star Yeatman Hotel is one of two ‘wine therapy’ facilities in Portugal. The first center was founded in 1999 in Bordeaux, France by Bertrand and Mathilde Thomas, a couple who had a few years earlier discovered the merits of using grape extracts to combat the signs of aging. Although most of the Caudalie spas are located in Europe, two North American notables include facilities at the Plaza Hotel in New York City and the Shangri-la Hotel in Toronto.(Full Article)


Exclusive caudalie spa treatments at the 5* The Yeatman hotel in Porto, Portugal

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Published at L’Esthete on Oct 29th 2013

Photo Source(s): courtesy The Yeatman Hotel


Author: Jessica Benavides Canepa

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