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Indie Travel in Portugal

Portugal budget travel tips by Jessica Benavides Canepa for Bootsnall

Iconic mode of transportation in Lisbon

Portugal offers a unique old world charm – diverse landscapes, enchanting medieval castles, and cosmopolitan city living “a la Portuguese” – an eclectic combination of modern conveniences surrounded by ancient landmarks and traditions. Despite being diminutive in size, the country boasts a rich cultural aesthetic more often found in much larger destinations.

While day travel from the northern mountain valleys to the serene beauty of the Alentejo region to the sun-drenched beaches of the southern Algarve coast is possible in a day, why rush it? Portugal, in all its compact glory, is that rare gem – a popular destination that remains decidedly unspoiled by mass tourism.

In the capital Lisbon and its sister city Oporto, one can easily survive on $50 a day, provided plush accommodations and gourmet dining are not prerequisites. The curious traveler can wander the cobblestone streets in search of awe-inspiring monuments or sit and watch the world go by at a number of local squares or parks sans excessive spending. Many attractions are free on particular days of the week, and discounts are readily available to students under 26 and senior citizens.

Travel by bus or train throughout the rest of the country is also quite affordable (and safe), although careful planning must be considered during the summer high season…(Full article)

Summary: Portugal traveler tips (including transportation, activities and accommodations) for making the most out of your trip.

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Published at Bootsnall on April 28th 2015

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