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L’Eixample:The Pulse of Bustling Barcelona

L'Eixample (left side) bustling Barcelona

L’Eixample (left) in bustling Barcelona

HOUSE TRIPIf Barcelona were a human body, then the L’Eixample district would be the veins running through it. Laid out in a grid formation that connects various parts of the city, this once revolutionary concept has long become a part of the city’s unique voice. Barcelona’s main shopping areas are located here as well as a fair share of its most iconic monuments. The sizable area is conveniently separated by zones to the left and right; a metropolitan maze full of wonder and delightful adventure.

For me, L’Eixample has always represented the center of the action, the area to go to when I wanted to try out a new restaurant, enjoy the latest exhibit, or even, when on my way somewhere else, a place for a brief and welcome respite. I could literally spend hours on the Passeig de Gracia, the main shopping boulevard, famously featuring some of celebrated architect Antoni Gaudi’s most unforgettable works.  With its charming beauty and 19th century touches, it is not hard to imagine the wealthy families that once called it home.  When the sun is out (which is often), I like to climb to the rooftop terrace of La Pedrera (otherwise known as Casa Mila) and marvel at the remarkable creations made all the more unique by their seemingly impossible shapes…(Visit Site)

 Company Description: House Trip is an international apartment rental co specializing  in short stays (for all wants and tastes) around the globe.
Assignment: To create insider guides for several neighborhoods in Barcelona (Gracia, Barceloneta, Poblenou, L’Eixample in order to help renters find the most suitable accommodations in the city.


Not your typical travel guide, these insider articles were designed for travelers looking to experience the true essence of Barcelona living.

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Author: Jessica Benavides Canepa

Jessica is a freelance journalist focusing on international travel, fashion, luxury, eco culture & women's issues. She has lived and/or traveled to 50+ cities around the globe. Published work has appeared at BBC Travel, Jetsetter, Nat Geo, CNN travel, Viator, Societe Perrier and Hemisperes.

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