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CNN TRAVEL: The World’s Most Impressive Metro Stations

Stockholm metro for CNN Travel article

Metro Station in Stockholm

CNN Travel: 

Opening in 1863, London has the world’s oldest underground railway but it also has, in austerely beautiful Westminster, one of Europe’s most futuristic-looking stations. The first metro stations might have been uncomfortable and unhealthy (toxic steam often entered the train cars due to poor ventilation) but it soon became clear that few cities of any size should be without one. 

By the mid-1920s, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Milan had their own subterranean networks — with cleaner, electric-powered trains and often also beating London’s Tube in the aesthetic appeal of their stations.Moscow joined the party in 1935 and now boasts one of the busiest metro systems in the world — carrying more than 6.5 million passengers a day. But as the following stations show, more than 150 years after the London Underground opened, there’s a lot more to a great subway stop than getting from A to B(Full Article)


Metro stations in Europe that are beautiful, intruiging or just plain weird.

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Published at CNN Travel on Feb 4th 2014

Photo Source: Robert Young/ thumbnail: Ben Rousseau

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